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Bruce Peter Morin

Bruce is a professional photographer and media consultant with over 20 years of experience. He believes the key to human existence is the food that fuels our soul, and the places we call home, so his photography focuses on food, the people who produce it, and where we live.

Bruce believes that food is not just about what nourishes us, but what brings us together as a family and as a community. Thanksgiving Day Dinners, to July 4th Picnics and all things in between, revolve around food and the places we call home.

He doesn't consider himself a portrait photographer, if he photographs people, he would much rather do it where people do the work, make their living and get their hands dirty. From the tile maker, carpenter, to the farmer. In the city or the country you will find him with his camera.

His roots run deep into the farming community - he likes to joke that he is just two generations away from the potato fields of Aroostook County, Maine. His great grandfather, Docite Pinette, had a large potato farm in the county from the early nineteen hundreds to the mid-nineteen sixties.

What resonated with Bruce, is the stories of their hard work, their sense of family and their connection to the land, and while not a farmer himself, gardening is one of Bruce's passions. He is a huge fan of Eliot Colman and Joel Salatin and believes in the small organic farmer.

Whenever he can, he photographs agricultural subjects from farms, tractors, fields, and farmers themselves. He tries to capture the beauty and the hard work in what it is these folks do for our society.

What remains of my great grandparents farm in Wallagrass, Maine : Circa 1988

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